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  1. Hirunwiwatkul P,Kanjanaumporn J. Vessel sealing system uvulopalatoplasty versus uvulopalatal flap: a randomized, controlled study of efficacy and adverse effects.  Eur Arch Otolaryngol (2011) 268:1383-1390
  2. Gevorgyan A, Segboer C, Chusakul S, Kanjanaumporn J, Aeumjaturapat S, Reeskamp R, Fokkens W, Snidvongs K. Intranasal corticosteroids for non-allergic rhinitis. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 6.


Poster presentation “The Effect of ESS on Bronchiectasis Patients with CRS” at ARS meetig (COSM 2016), Chicago, USA.

Latest updated : 17 May 2016